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Cognizance is a high powered retail searchlight, shining light into all of the nooks and crannies of one’s retail operation. The trinity of analytics, predictions and deviations on a real time basis means that Cognizance can make a live and meaningful impact to your retail operation.

Preditive Analytics

Deviation & Optimisations

Cognizance is a platform that allows for the ingestion of various streams of data. These streams are processed and put into one central data lake. The combination of the highly performant data lake and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models allows Cognizance to offer powerful analytics, trends and insights and most importantly, deviations.

Analytics allows one to delve into their data to do manual exploration, insights being predictions, trends and other notable characteristics detected by Cognizance and/or our retail experts and deviations being issues and/or trends within the data that Cognizance has flagged as issues that need rectification.

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Find out how the Cognizance Platform can make your JIT manufacturing, RTM distribution and Retail Execution smarter

Key Business Drivers

Cognizance drives a service in which the data of interest being streamed and processed leads to real measurable and meaningful benefits on your bottom line. We have a number of avenues in which we can affect your bottom line namely, Line of sight, deviation to remedy and optimisation.

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI and ML to drive attention where it is needed most

Big Data & Analytics

Driving immediate and measurable difference

Internet of Things

Our focus remains data centric, IOT allows for an expanded reach.

Industry Solutions

Consumer Packaged Goods distribution and retail execution data is streamed and processed leading to real and worthwhile benefits to the bottom bottom line. Incorporating analytics and machine learning provides line of sight across the full spectrum of the supply chain, real-time deviation monitoring allowing for instant remedy and consistent optimization.

CPG Principal

A view and control over our universe of one


Aligning your digital metrics to real world compliance


Understanding category performance has never been so dynamic and accessibility