Cognizance Platform

Cognizance is a high powered retail searchlight, shining light into all of the nooks and crannies of one’s retail operation. The trinity of analytics, predictions and deviations on a real time basis means that Cognizance can make a live and meaningful impact to your retail operation.

Combining structured Route to Market and Retail Execution data with Cognitive Computing enables future planning down to the smallest detail. Cognizance can future proof your bottom line through providing complete line of sight of your entire operations, provide real time deviation alerts to allow for near instant remediation and optimization.

Cognizance comprises a number of modules that makeup the solution. These  modules take various forms of inputs and outputs all revolving around a data lake nestled securely in the cloud leveraging AI and ML to handle the deluge of data and automate repetitive processes.

Cognizance Data Lake
Line of Sight

Line of Sight

Effective line of sight, simply understanding what is and what is not. Understanding what works, and what doesn't. Gain visibility of stock levels and demand across the value chain while understanding how to meet those demands at the lowest possible costs

Detect Deviations

Sometimes things do not go to plan. Having a real time check and notification service ensures that areas of issue are detected and notification sent through to the parties responsible to fix the issue.

Improve & Optimize

Improve & Optimize

By combining data from across the value chain and incorporating smart algorithms we can start to truly optimize supply and demand leading to real Just in Time nirvana.