Deviations & Notifications

Introduce real time detection and notification to future proof your Retail Execution against unforeseen variance and flutions in your Value Chain.

In the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market time is critical. Delays in reacting to issues may result in lost sales, or worse… a lost customer. Having the tools to allocate resources when and where a problem or obstacle arises will ensure that you are ahead of your competitors.

Key Performance Indicators

A KPI is a type of performance measurement that helps you understand how your value chain, organization or department is performing. A good KPI should act as a compass, helping you and your team understand whether you’re taking the right path toward your strategic goals.

Set Standards

Once key performance areas and indicators have been identified, minimum thresholds and targets must be set. The Cognizance platform looks for issues linked to these KPIs that are taking place on the ground, what items are out of stock, what items are overstocked, are items promotionally compliant? Are there items that are in stock but not on shelf and what is causing these deviations

Resource Allocation

The assignment of available resources within the value chain, organization or department. The ability to schedule and adjust activities and resources as required at will so to speak allows for greater control over deployment costs and improve satisfaction.


Having a real time check and notification service ensures that areas of issue are caught and corrected immediately to avoid further risk. The deviation system allows for multiple form of messaging platform integration. Notification sent to relevant parties via existing mobile applications, email or other messaging platforms.

Cognizance Platform
Deviation 60%

Data Streaming

The ability to Extract, Transform and Load massive amounts of data from the entire value chain at speed

Monitoring & Optimizing

Tracking progress in a consolidated dashboard enable you