Wutow Improves Distribution and Retail Execution with Cognizance

The Problem

As a distributor and merchandiser of multinational Consumer Packaged Goods brands, providing the skills, expertise and local knowledge to ensure the stock is in store, on shelf and available in a timely and cost effective manner is vital. However, the divide between route to market distribution and retail execution departments, systems and data silos creates potential supply and demand issues. Having zero visibility on the performance of promotions and activities impacts the ability to make sound decisions.. 

The Solution

Wutow turned to Cognizance Processing to provide a smart solution that uses the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to ingest and visualise data.  Cognizance uses external data to detect what is going on outside the business and is then fused and enhanced with data from inside the business to deliver insights to all the different parts of the operations.

The platform combines distribution sales & inventory data to view and interrogate the operational profitability. This enables quick and informed decision making and facilitates direction if necessary.


In essence it is a real-time set of tools that is always evolving, to answer any question and respond to any situation arising in the business.


The Benefits

Wutow enhanced the processing of their internal data, and enabling them to more accurately calculate Operating Profit & Loss, track Profitability, Mix of Sales, Distribution Margins, potential Errors & Deviations, and react on Time to Deviation & notices per Supplier, per Store, per Sales Representative. The following details are available on a granular level:

• Incoming stock quantities
• Distribution Cost
• Warehousing Cost
• Sales and Merchandising Cost
• IT Cost
• Administration Cost
• Total Operating Cost
• Gross Profit (based on negotiated margin)
• Credit Reporting

About Wutow Trading

Wutow Trading is a Namibian based FMCG sales, merchandising, warehousing and distribution business.

With offices in Windhoek, Walvis Bay, Tsumeb and Keetmanshoop. Wutow offers extensive wholesale, retail and informal trade coverage. With distribution facilities of 8 000 m² + Wutow warehouses, distributes, sells, merchandises and promotes leading brands in food, beverage, personal care, home care, snacks, baby, sanitary care & tobacco products.

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